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(Sky)Fall of a Totally Rational Hero *SPOILERS

This entry contains MASSIVE SPOILERS. If you haven’t seen Skyfall please don’t read this – it will ruin the movie and the entry won’t make any sense. Moreover, Skyfall is the best of the Daniel Craig Bond movies (a relatively low bar, but still), and you should see it because otherwise MGM will IMPLODE, killing […]

A Totally Rational Hero has an Identiy Crisis

A Totally Rational Hero is floating in the sea, unconscious. A small fishing vessel is on the horizon. It comes closer and pulls Totally Rational Hero out of the water. Totally Rational Hero awakens in the interior of the fishing vessel. He sits up and holds his head. Totally Rational Hero: Ow. The Captain enters. […]

Japanese Horror Confronts a Totally Rational Hero

Nighttime. Victim One (hot enough to be the female lead, but a little too bitchy): Man, life is so great. I can’t wait to go out for a night on the town. Are you excited, roommates? Roommates? Victim One checks for roommates. Victim One: Left without me? Lame. Well this apartment suddenly feels a lot […]

A Totally Rational Hero Battles Survival Horror

Briefing Room Bureaucrat: Gentlemen. We have brought you seven here because of a level-five emergency.  Bureaucrat starts PowerPoint presentation. Bureaucrat: Four days ago, at 0700, we lost communication with the crew of the experimental warship Norad IV during a simulation in the Arctic Ocean. Scientific Hero: The experimental warship Norad IV? Bureaucrat: Yes. The experimental […]